Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Three Pokes,...

a drawstring bag, two toothbrushes, an apple, long sleeve shirt, a mint,mp3 player/sunglasses/cell phone case, ear plugs, fruit smoothie, a bottle of water, a package of cookies, two pens, a ruler, a small notepad and Baked Cheetos. That is the list of the things I received at the employee health fair today. One of the pokes was a flu shot. One was a poke to the finger to measure my hematocrit and the last poke was to donate blood. I have a good collection of shirts from DeGowin Blood Center for donating blood. The water and cookies were also given to me then. The nurse wrapped my venipuncture with a purple wrap with smiley faces. I must have looked bad because they kept asking me if I was ok. It felt like they asked me more than the previous times I donated.

The last time I remember donating blood we went to The Vine for a late dinner after teaching Tae Kwon Do. I of course ordered a stein which was probably a bad idea. The fluids you lose from donating blood should not be replaced with a beer.

I finally finished Fetching today while sitting for the requisite 10 minutes after donating. I really thought I would finish them on Sunday, the day I started them. hope I brought my darning needle so I can weave in ends while doing washes on the embryos I am working with this afternoon. I made some modifications and I like how they fit a lot better than my first pair. I may slightly felt my first pair to see if I can get a better fit. They are loose and the picot BO curls like crazy.

I caved in and ordered the Malabrigo for the My So Called Scarf. I got the Autumn forest colorway which probably won't go with any of my winter coats, but I don't think I care. Maybe that means I need a new winter coat. I also went ahead and got yarn for making Thermal. I wentwith the Pumpkin colorway.

Now anyone can knit!


The Malabrigo yarn has shipped alread! My already neglected Christmas knitting and sweater are going to be even more neglected. So are my second Sockapalooza pal's socks. I better finish the first one tonight!

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Dragonfly said...

Love the Malabrigo!