Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas has never been about traditions for me or my family. Christmas was usually at my grandparents in Ames and then we would go to my aunt and uncle's place in WI between Christmas and New Years. We never baked cookies together or had special ornaments. There wasn't a fancy meal or advent calendar. We had a fake tree, so we never went as a family to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. Since my parent's divorce it has been even less about traditions (unless you consider my dad's gift of a check or cash in a card for every occasion as a tradition) and more about juggling schedules.

When I moved away from home, I didn't have any special ornaments. I bought all my ornaments last year at Target to supplement the few Josh has from his family. I got some glass balls and snowflakes that I thought were kinda pretty and the cheapest on the racks. I think I am going to make one this year so I can have my own. I was just reading Brooklyn Tweed between some washes on my latest experiment and saw his little sweater ornament. I really want to make one or two or three or... Not that I need to give myself anymore knitting projects right now, but they look so cute. They remind me of the sweaters my mom used to knit for my Barbie dolls. Mini socks would be fun too! I even have a pattern for one.


While wasting more time between washes I stumbled upon these little guys! I must make them and these Pac Man and his ghosties.


Amanda said...

Traditions are what make Christmas so special for me. And Emily too, obviously, which makes it so much harder for her to be away during this time.

I totally need to make a Leonardo for my brother's stocking. Let's see, I have orange and gold, but I don't think I have any green, and definitely no googly eyes. I still need an E hook for another project in my queue, so maybe I should just go shopping!

Dragonfly said...

ugh, I tried to post this, got an error and lost it all.

The Pac-Man and Ghosties made me giggle.

I love the idea of the sweater ornament, especially since you knit your first full-size ones this year. sort of a way to remember the year.

LotusKnits said...

I liked Jared's sweater ornaments too. We didn't do any ornaments this year, in fact it's the first year we've had a tree and it was a free one from our neighbors. We bought lights and some berry/twig garland stuff from Target and that's all that's on the tree. Some little sweaters would be nice though...

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Hey, my grandparents lived in Ames! I remember one Christmas we drove there. Snow galore and black ice.

No previous traditions means you get to start your own and no bickering about whose traditions are "right."