Monday, December 03, 2007

I think I must have purchased all the jeans I am wearing regularly during the summer or at least when I was wearing flip-flops. My jeans are too short, for the most part. I have one pair that is way too long, no matter what shoes I wear and one that is just about perfect, but I didn't wear them all summer because they were too long then. The other three pairs I have are too short to wear with any shoes other than flip-flops or other really flat shoes. Not only are they too short, but they are too big. I think I bought most of these jeans during a couple shopping trips to the outlet mall over the summer after all my jeans seemed to die at about the same time. I must have had a bad shopping month.

I just found this link to some great tips for making food prep easier. I think my fave is using the CD spindle for a bagel holder.

And another link. I used to work in the lab of Richard Smith. His daughters and sons would work in the lab during the summers and sometimes during the school year. One of his daughters has a kidney disease and is on dialysis. Her mother nominated her as a Kidney Idol and she can win a dialysis-friendly trip if she gets enough votes. Click here to vote. Her mother's entry is the one entitled The Lightness of Hope. You can vote every day until the 10th.


UnusuallyHeather said...

I feel your pain. I am having the same issue with some of my dress pants, which were not bought in summer, and am wondering if I was just crazy when I bought them or if they shrunk. They are fine for summer but look rather silly in "real" shoes.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

I think jeans shopping is the most painful thing in the world. That's why I only have one pair at a time and I wear them till they have an embarrassing number of holes in them and my daughter forbids me from setting foot outside the house in them.