Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Canceled?!?!?! They canceled classes again. Twice in one year! Only the second time in my 6+ years at the UI. Weird.

Here, look at my too small mittens while I recover from the shock.


Snowy Little Birds!


Technomage said...

These are Cool! Warm and fuzzy mitten s for a Warm and Fuzzy Pirate! I Have a student who would just loves these. She has a white sweater with little black and pink skulls on it. You Can't see them until you are really looking at them. What would it take for you to knit me a set?

LotusKnits said...

I totally dig your mittens.

Angel said...

Oh my god i adore your mittens. I want cute little skull mittens..sniff sniff.

AndreaLea said...

Haha. Snow birds.

Sorry, I'm easily amused.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Love the mittens - very piratey! And your birds are too cute. How many do you think you'll make in your army? Are you thinking Alfred Hitchcock Birds here?