Monday, April 28, 2008


I didn't do my Daring Baker's challenge this month. I was not in the mood to make balls of cheesecake and dip them in chocolate. Seems like too much work and mess for something I don't want to eat or make. I wanted a challenge to my baking skills! I was also really tired and busy on the weekends. You can check out the others' creations here.

So instead of making cheesecake balls on sticks I knitted, got my hair cut and played Mario Kart and Raving Rabbids with a little Rayman thrown in for variety.

Why is it that I can't sleep in during the weekends past 7 but am perfectly capable of this during the week?


AndreaLea said...

If you really want to try the cheesecake balls on a stick, I could probably help you eat them. :)
I saw them on Bittersweet blog and they looked so delicious!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Mario Kart was a much better investment of your time than the cheesecake balls.

I hope you get caught up on your sleep.

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

What is it about weekends that makes it so hard to go back to sleep when you wake up at 7, but so hard to get out of bed at 7 on weekdays?

I don't really like cheesecake, so good call on not making it. I would have made the chocolate though, and just eaten it with my fingers...