Thursday, April 03, 2008

Whatever ick I have isn't too bad, but still brought on the annoying scratchy throat and coughing as well as wearing me out. I slept hard last night and am still tired (coffee snuck into the lab is helping a bit with that), so no workout this morning as I had planned. My plan to workout tomorrow morning just got nixed due to a new work obligation which will carry over through this weekend. I have to be in before 7:30am tomorrow and since my gym doesn't open until 6am there is no way to get a workout in before work. I think I may have to stay late as well. Is it funny that I had to go back and read one of the papers I am an author on to get some info for this experiment? I think it is, but that could be the tiredness talking.

Anyway, I have some new recruits who just got their wings and beaks.

I have a feeling this is a never ending project for all those bits of DK and worsted yarn I will have laying around.

Joining their ranks shortly is Mr. Froggy or whatever I decide to call him later.

I should really be working on socks instead. I am such a bad person.


janna said...

I just love the birdies!!

AndreaLea said...

Look at all those birds!
Hope you feel better soon. :)