Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Does anyone want to fill in for me the rest of the week? I am not sure how Josh and I are going to get through all we have going on. Tonight and tomorrow night are the normal tae kwon do class and teaching tae kwon do which means no free time and eating dinner late.

Friday night is tae kwon do testing, and Josh is testing for is 2nd dan. I guess I have to be there since I am his partner for one-steps, which involve some trips and other techniques not normally taught in tae kwon do. I won't outrank him anymore. Dang! Anyway, Saturday is my sister's college graduation followed by lunch then our annual tae kwon do picnic, to which Josh and I are bringing deserts. I plan to make this peanut butter torte and some chocolate chip bars, which Josh may make. I am still not sure when I am going to have time make the torte or the bars. Then we may be going out with some friends on Saturday night after the picnic or they may come over to play video gams. Sunday afternoon is my cousin's graduation party in Pella, which requires 3 hours worth of driving.



AndreaLea said...

Wow! This time of year always gets crazy. I'm so relieved nobody I know is graduating this year. Or getting married this summer for that matter. :)

Amanda said...

Oh, me too, except I'm trying to simplify my schedule by skipping both testing and the picnic, which makes me really sad. I unfortunately also overextended myself by promising a beer to the co-worker who is helping me on this crap project this week, and I'm supposed to leave for Ames at 5:30 tomorrow, and I haven't started packing yet.

I at least have those coolers picked up and in my truck, but I forgot about the lemonade. And a Mother's Day card. I need to pick up a card before I leave.

If you want to skip TUF tonight so you can do some baking and I can run errands and pack, that would be fine by me, although that would also make me sad.

meegiemoo said...

Mmmm...peanut butter torte.