Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just took the ecological footprint quiz on this site and am quite dismayed with myself. I like to think I have a low ecological footprint, but I don't. I thought I was even below average, but I am not. It's hard to figure out what else I can do. It's frustrating and eye opening, but also very discouraging. A lot of things I can't change, such as where the electricity that gets pumped into my apartment comes from and what appliances are in my apartment.

On to less depressing topics, I finished my super secret socks, though I still can't share them with you. I know you are all waiting anxiously for the reveal. Right? Since I finished a pair, I decided to start a new pair, which only makes sense. Actually working on another project would make more sense, but I will ignore logic in this case since I have wanted to make this pair for ages. Bellatrix (Ravelry)is a pattern designed by a lovely woman who recently passed away. She designed a bunch of free patterns, but due to copyright issues when her site was taken down, they haven't been available for several months. Her husband as generously taken the time to upload them all to Ravelry so we can once again use them.

Here's a picture of the ball of yarn I am using since the pictures I have taken of the start of this sock aren't interesting in the least.

The yarn in Yarn Pirate in Kalamata from the Booty Club and has short repeats of chocolate brown, a dark purple, light brown and a my favorite shade of green. I think it will be perfect for this pattern. By the way, after the first repeat, I was totally hooked. Hopefully Ornette won't get too lonely.

Attack of the Giant Chocolate with Vanilla Frosting Cupcakes!!!!

Made using this pan and this recipe cut in half. I can only eat half of one of these at a time.


Rachel said...

Ooohhhh...I can't wait to see how you progress on Bellatrix. I have that pattern in my queue thinking maybe it would be good for a skein of STR my brother gave me. It seemed like it handled highly variegated yarns pretty well. But I was concerned about the drop stitch pattern. I'll watch yours progress before I cast on mine :)

Learning your footprint is discouraging isn't it? I think you just do the best that you can...every bit of effort counts.

Sean T said...
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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

My footprint is sad. Stomp.

I bet Bellatrix will look awesome in that yarn!