Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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I can't decide what to knit/crochet anymore. My sock is having issues and at the guage and size I am knitting, it's not striping how I hoped it would. I think I may need to move on for awhile. The egg/chicken on the left is having issues. I think I misread the pattern because it is huge! Hmmm.. not sure what's going on there. Elijah, in the middle, just needs me to embroider some eyes so he can join the soon-to-be-finished-baby blanket, once more yarn arrives, so the new baby of some family friends can get some use out of them. The kid is only 3 days old or so; I am not too far behind! I should really finish Ornette, but I want something a bit more mindless until I get settled into my new eating-sleeping-awaking routine. At least I found my bucket of yarn so I can go paw through it for awhile. I should probably wait until Josh is awake though.

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Rachel said...

I forgot you were doing Elijah...was wondering how tough a pattern that is? I have to knit for 3 babies this fall and have decided that maybe I'd like to do a trio of one of Ysolda's stuffed critters. Would I go insane doing 3 of them?