Tuesday, February 24, 2004

dedicated student, I am

I have been trying to study. I really have, but I just can't get focused. I just wanna watch Keen Eddie and QE take some Robitussin PM and go to bed. And maybe watch the easter egg on the Firefly DVD. It is only Tuesday, but it feels like it should be Thursday. I just wish it was Friday so I could go skiing with my dad and the lab. Maybe I should eat more tacos.

Why am I burning a really good smelling candle eventhough I am too stuffed up to smell it?

Instead of studying I decided to set up my Buffy pop-out people on my new bookshelf. I am not very good at the setting up part. They keep falling over. I put them next to my little Buffy tins filled with bubblegum shaped like stakes that I got from my roomie. I am getting really good at avoiding studying.

OK, now I really am going to study, or at least stare at my notes.

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