Sunday, February 29, 2004

Leap year!!!

I can finally change my Angel calendar over to March soon. I am sick of looking at Connor because I don't really like him. I was going to change it now, but I decided to wait until at least midnight so it would officially be March, in this time zone anyway.

I am currently watch The Actors Studio and the cast of The Simpsons is on. It is very interesting to put the faces with the voices. Of course I already new Hank Azaria adn Yeardley Smith, but not so much the others. I really need to be reading Genesis 1-9 for a class, but i am watching this instead.

I recently finishced cleaning my roomie's boyfriend's fish tank. He is freaking out because he is about to ask my roommate to marry him. He spent the weekend in Colorado talking to her parents and trying to convince her that he was here. He just got back and was trying to get things ready for her return from Louisiana. I offered to clean the fish tank, which is in our living room, because he looked so nervous. He showed me the ring and it is gorgeous. She picked it out, so I know she will like it. I am so excited for them. She has already told me she knows she is going to marry him.

I am going to read during the commercials.

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