Thursday, March 25, 2004

Chex - You are stable and structured. You are the type of cereal a person could stick with for life and never get sick of, and you have a carefree way of taking everything in stride. A little spilt milk has never been something to get you all soggy.

Life as a breakfast cereal
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I love Chex!! Maybe that's what I will get when I go grocery shopping this weekend.

I keep getting confused as to which day it is. I taught at the Gym Nest tonight because Amanda had a lot of work. I was fine until I got there in my uniform. It didn't feel like Thursday. I usually don't wear my uniform on Thursday. I was a little late because we had a little problem with my physics lab. Our final answers were about 20% off of what they should have been. Not so good. I hate physics. I need a shower. It was hot and humid in the Nest and now I feel gross. I think I will be subbing there next week too, because Linda will be studying. I am soo tired and my room is sooo messy. I think I am going to shower and straighten my room while I watch Futurama.

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