Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm Back!!

I know you all were waiting anxiously until I got back. Josh, Nick, Brian, and I spent most of our time riding the L and wandering around trying to find where we were trying to go and eating. I didn't buy anything for myself in Chicago except for food and beer. While we were wandering around Michigan Ave. I found a little dragon holding a tennis racket for my sis. She collects dragons and just started playing tennis so I thought it fit. I already have a CD for her too. She didn't get me a birthday present, but I get her two things for no reason at all. Aren't I a nice sister? I had my first whole beer and also a green one. I am also now a member of the Mug Club at Rockbottom. If I ever go back I can get a bigger beer for the same price as a normal one. Maybe I will learn to like beer yet. I will probably have to learn to drink them a little faster as well. It took me about an hour to finish my green beer. I also have a bunch of coasters we took and a key to Josh's truck that I forgot to give back.

Actually I did get myself something besides food. I can't believe I forgot about it!!! I bought the soundtrack to Once More With Feeling the Buffy musical episode. Josh and I sang to it on the way back.

I am now waiting for the lasagna I just made to finish cooking. I better go check on this. I often wonder why I decided to add "discourse" to the title of my blog. It isn't very organized. Maybe that's whats facetious about it.

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