Sunday, March 21, 2004

Let's just say I have had a weird weekend. Saturday was pretty normal. I went to my sister's speech contest and she did very well. Sunday started out pretty normally with church, although we had a substitute pastor today while ours took the paramedic written test, but then got weird. I follow my dad to a house which he then tells me and my sister is his and then leads us inside and tells us my parents are getting a divorce. Really not a surprise (I have been expecting this since I was in high school), but it is kinda surreal. After a tour of his new house he hands us plastic enevelopes and tells us our grandmother left us each about $30,000. Then I go to my grandpa's place and he has Lex and I sort through all my grandma's jewelry and pick what we want. It was sad to see their wedding bands sitting in a box. Then I get back to IC go to a movie and get asked out.

I am still not sure whether this is a good day, bad day, or just plain abnormal day. I am worried about how my little sis will handle all of this. I wish I could have talked to her about it. I really hope my VCR taped Alias and Wonderfalls like I told it to.

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