Monday, April 26, 2004

I just ran my first testing in about 8 years. Of course it was totally different than what I am used to, but it went well. I did get my hand kicked by the same kid about 10 times while he tried to do a jump spin side kick and he didn't break the board. At least he didn't kick hard enough to do any damage. The last class had all of the instructors sign their broken boards. It was kinda cute. Norpel forgot to give me a sheet to write my comments on though. I just ended up writing on his and Randal's while they were running the testings. Ashton took us out to eat, but that meant I had to sit next to Norpel and listen to him talk to me. At least I got a free meal at Bennigan's out of it and I didn't have to cook.

I got a call this morning on my cell phone, but it wasn't a number I recognized and they didn't leave a message. I am too curious and I want to know who it was. It was probably just a wrong number.

I took a nap Sunday afternoon!!! I rarely take naps. I really needed to do my laundry though. My tkd uniforms need to be washed. The only reason I woke up before The Simpsons was that Josh called at 6:45. I probably would have slept right through it and Alias.

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