Sunday, April 25, 2004

Today I decided to buy some new jeans and do some grocery shopping. I went to the mall with good intentions of just finding a pair of jeans and a few other essentials. I walked out of the mall with a pair of sandals, a pack of razors, a bag of Smarties and a package of Dots. None of those things were on my 'list' of things to get. The razors are at least something I need, but everything else is not. The sandals are really nice and I do kind of (meaning, not really) need to replace a pair similar to them that I got when I was a freshman. I am making sure to keep the receipt so I can return them if my conscience finally kicks in.

I have to say the pinatas Amanda, Josh and I made yesterday look pretty good. They better since we spent $37.26 on the candy that is going to fill them. I am so excited about them!! We had a lot of fun working on them. There was cardboard all over the place.

Josh and I went bowling last night and I beat him!!! Ok, that's enough gloating.

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