Thursday, April 29, 2004

I was just thinking about how much I got accomplished in my 5 hours at the lab today. I almost finished putting all the patients with screened for PDS, a form of deafness, into the database Stephanie and I created last summer. It means we are finally getting caught up with that thing. I also went to the clinic and the specimen control to pick up our blood samples. Then I started thinking about how little work I did at the lab yesterday. First I left my class a little early so I could meet the rest of the lab at the Summit for a lunch courtesy of Jose. One of his RAs is leaving so we had to have a goodbye party. We didn't get back to the lab until almost 2:00. About 45 minutes later we had cake becuase it was also teh RAs birthday, which took another half hour. I had to leave at 3:20 to get to my class so I probably did around 45 minutes of actual work yesterday. I figure since I did a lot on Tuesday and a lot today, I kinda made up for the slacking yesterday.

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