Tuesday, May 11, 2004

2 down 2 to go

I am halfway done!!! My two hardest finals are out of the way. Tomorrow's shouldn't be too bad. It's Quest for Human Destiny. I just need to read through my notes a few times and I should be good. I actually pay attention most of the time in that class.

I didn't go to work today!! I said I might be in the lab, but gave no guarantee. I got a message from Josh saying he needed some help matting his pictures, so I helped him with that this afternoon. He even let me use a knife!!! I love having a job with so much freedom. I think I may be taking Friday off.

I just procured some caffeine, strawberries, milk, and E.L. Fudge cookies so I am ready to finish off finals week. I can'te wait until about 9:30am Thursday morning when I will be done with my last final.

Time for a cookie!!


I kinda had more than A 'a cookie'. At least I have cut down on my consumption of Hot Tamales and Dots during finals week.

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