Friday, May 28, 2004

Dust Bunnies Attack!!!!

My sister and I spent about 4.5 hours cleaning the house today. Lex and the Swiffer bonded. She actually named two of the. We had dust bunny races and bunnies fell from the ceiling. We also started writing a musical about dusting. We have some good looking choreography. My sister choreographed the last musical they did, so I bet she will come up with some good stuff in the future. I was sneezing a lot today. I don't think the floor can ever be clean. We swept, then swiffered abou 3 or 4 times and there is still dirt on the floor. My sister actually saw a large June bug carrying around some dust bunnies the other day.

Tonight my mom, Corey and I will be going to graduation parties. My sister will also be going, but with her boyfriend and other friends. AFter that it looks like we will be setting up for my sister's party tomorrow afternoon. We still have some cleaning to do before then too. Lex needs to clean her room and we have to get stuff off the front porch. I forgot to grab a bra when I took a shower today and when I went out in a towelto get one Corey and Jeff were sitting in the living room. I love that!!! At least I warned them before I ran to the laundry room.

It seriously looks like we have weed growing near our porch. It wouldn't surprise me if we did. There is a lot of weird stuff under that porch.

My sister found me a belt with my name on it!!! Right on the end it says 'Chelsea Girl' and has a picture of a girl wearing a plaid hat. It's pretty cute, though it has more pink than I tend to wear at any one time. I better not loose any weight because I am on the last notch on it or I can just wear it with pants that actually fit. My mom also got me an anklet with flip-flops on it.


The parties weren't sooooo bad. The food was good. You can tell it's small town Iowa when two of the three parties have BBQ pork sandwiches. Corey and I acted like little kids and picked on eachother the whole time. My mom claims Corey as a son because his parents are the same age as mine. He acts like my brother too. We tried to convince somone we were brother and sister, but then my mom ruined that by telling them we weren't. We actually threatened to go out and settle our differences outside at the last party. We just went and got more punch. After I signed one person book he signed on the same line "accompanied by the Rev. Corey Larson". He also put his cell phone and sunglasses in my purse and decided that was all I was good for. He is always trying to torment me as an older brother would. I guess he is pretty much the older brother I didn't have. If he hadn't come with us to the parties, I may have gone crazy. Dust bunnies, little sleep and graduation parties can do that to a girl. He was showing the remodeling being done on the parsonage, because I made him, and his new bathroom is as big as Josh's old room. It has two sinks!!!

We also set up for Lex's party tomorrow. I did help for a while. I even ran home to get some stuff my mom forgot. Then I found my bouncy ball in my purse and Jeff and I played with that for about 10 minutes. I have that boy trained well, I asked Lex to get me a bottle of water, since she was standing, and he went and got it for me when she refused. He also likes The Daily Show and Family Guy. I like him!!

I forgot to mention that Norpel called me as we were heading into of the parties. That didn't make me happy.

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