Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am a slacker, or maybe I am just busy.

I went go cart racing for the first time ever!!! It was rather fun. I didn't do very well on my first try, but the second time I totally rocked. I think I may have had the best time in my group that time. My boss, Dr. Smith did better than everyone I think. I wore high quality flip-flops, as usual, and they made me wear those water shoes with socks. Mine were pink and Matt got some snazzy blue ones. The track was inside, which was very nice since it started raining on the way there. Jana did get hurt, a large bruise on her leg, when Sai hit here and she crashed into the wall pretty hard. She actually broke some of the cement. It wasn't her fault. I think we all need to go sometime.

I am currently watching Once More With Feeling. I was planning on running to the mall before heading to the Gym Nest, but I may watch this now. It is really hot in here though, so I am not sure how long I really want to sit in here. I did finally break down and turn on the air conditioner becuase it is soooo humid. I need to get a new fan, becuase mine is too small and it is making funny noises.

I had to say goodbye to Josh yesterday. We did talk about when I might be able to go visit him, so at least I have something to look forward to. Now I just need to save up for the plane tickets. I may have to talk to my uncle, a pilot for Delta, to see if I can get some kind of discount. I may have to fly standby, but at least it would be cheap and I may get a first class seat if I am lucky.

I think I will stay long enough to hear Spike sing his song and then run to the mall. I have a gift certificate to spend at The Gap for clothes for Lex's graduation because, according to my mother, I need some.

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