Sunday, May 23, 2004

I hate buying clothes.

I have to go shopping. According to my mom, I need new clothes for my sister's graduation party. I am probably going to be serving walking tacos at her party, so I don't know why I need to get so dressed up. Apparently they need to come from the Gap as well. She bought me some stuff online that I returned and had to take a gift certificate from there instead of putting it back on her card. Now I am supposed to use the card to buy some clothes. The only problem is, I don't like any of the clothes there. I went in there Friday to find something and all I got was a black t-shirt, one of their plain 'favorite-fit' t-shirts. I admit I do like these shirts and own several of them, but when that is the only thing I like there that can be a problem. I think I may get a pair of jeans with the remaining money. I need the jeans and I don't know what else to get. Of course that means I would have to go somewhere else to get clothes to wear to the graduation party and I would have to pay for them by myself, and I have very little money. My actually bought me the dress I wore to the banquet to wear to graduation, but I don't want to get that dressed up and my sister has the same dress and I think she is going to wear it. I hate clothes shopping because I can never find anything I like other than shoes, and I have way more shoes that I actually need.

Around 2:00pm...

I bought some new clothes!!! I bought a couple shirts, one brown (AKA bittersweet) and one and orangey red (AKA ojai ginger), at target and I got a new pair of jeans with my gift card. I really like the jeans eventhough I paid full price for them, or rather my mom did. I decided it was better to spend that much money on something I would wear more than once or twice. I called my mom to tell how I had spent her money and I ended up at Old Navy buying her and my sister flip-flops. I won't have to do laundry anymore becuase I have enough work worthy shirts to get me through to Wednesday now and a pair of jeans!!!

I am sure no one else does this besides me and my sister's boyfriend, but on the registers at Old Navy it says 'ONA' and every time I look at it I think 'DNA'. The 'O' is very square and looks a lot like a 'D'. I think it comes from being a biology major working in a genetics lab.

I believe my sis is actually going to be in town tomorrow on a 'field trip' for one of her classes. She is done with school on Wednesday so they have nothing to do anymore. They are saying they are going to the Amana colonies, but I have a feeling they are going to end up at the mall. I told her to call me if that happens.

Maybe I will finish cleaning my room now. I really do have too much free time anymore.

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