Sunday, May 23, 2004

More pictures...stop me at any time

My sister and her boyfriend Jeff in front of my church the day after prom last year. He isn't really shorter than her. I believe he is actually an inch taller yet probably weighs less than she does.

I don't think many of you have met my future roomies so I thought you may want a picture.
I just realized you may want names. Nicole is on the left and Joanna is on the right. I met them while in the dorms sophomore year. Joanna lived across the hall from me and we bonded over Buffy. Nicole hung out at our end of the hall a lot. Nicole and Joanna are total opposites on most things and I kinda fall into the middle. We have some great arguments together.

At least Amanda took a chunk out Tacia while breaking her cute new shoes.

Kristen takes a shot at Tod.

Nick, Tacia, me, Josh, Frostin' and Amanda at the banquet.

I love Tacia's expression in this picture.

Look how pretty Amanda made my hair!!!

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