Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Josh called me today!!!!! It was nice to finally talk to him again. I haven't talked to him, other than an email or two, since last Wednesday. Now that I can call him, I need to figure out a time to go visit him. My uncle is a pilot for Delta so I am hoping I can get some cheap tickets through him. I am not sure how that all works though.

I had been complaining all day because I hadn't gotten any good emails or phone calls, then when I get home Leah is online. As I am talking to her Josh calls. Just as he an dI were going to hang up, my sister calls me and as I am calling her back and talking to leah again my friend Nicole gets online and starts talking to me. It was crazy. I was in three conversations at once for a few minutes.

Time to go read my book so I can get to bed before 4am today. I actually have to get up and get stuff done tomorrow. I ate too many pokey sticks.

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