Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Without my roomies here I can wander around my apartment with just my towel on after my shower. I don't have to worry about the guys coming in while I am doing my wandering, or trying to scare me, like Adam (Rey's fiance)always does. I wander around the apartment in my towel, but when I go to change clothes I still close the door.

All the mail we got yesterday was for me!!! I haven't gotten any mail, except a few pieces of junk mail, for months. One even contained a check for $25 from the UI as compensation for a research study I participated in. I am going to the bank today. Maybe my paycheck has arrived!!!

If you guys want better copies of the pictures I have on my blog I can easily send them to you. They got a little distorted when I posted them.

I bought a new Dr. Pepper lip gloss as well!!! I am pathetic.

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