Saturday, June 05, 2004

Back in Town

Approximately 24 hours after I left, I am back in Iowa City. I was in Ames and Des Moines for most of those 24 hours. as I mentioned earlier I went to a Nadas concert. Dexter Freebish was there as well. I knew a total of three songs between those two bands. Dexter Freebish did Leaving Town and the Nadas covered the Oasis song Wonderwall and Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. I do know a few lines to a Nadas song called River: "I'm goin' down to the river / I'm gonna shake and shiver / I'm gonna roll in the water / I'm gonna take your daughter". Nicole wanted to be sure I got to sing along with at least one of their songs.

On the drive back from Des Moines there was a billboard about a quarter mile from The Adult Superstore that said "Jesus, Adult Super Savior". It was even in the same colors as the sign for the adult superstore. There was also an insane amount of dead deer along the road.

In other exciting news, my car's odometer is now past the 150,000 mile mark. I tried to take a picture of it while drivng, but I am not sure it worked. On the way back I was watching for it to hit 150,150 miles, but I forgot to pay attention and missed it.

I also know what my project is for the summer. An research assisitant and I are working with an Iranian family that has a dominant form of hearing impairment. Apparently, our goal is to find the gene that causes their type of deafness. I am glad I finally know what my project is. It would be nice to know if I have to make a poster like I did last summer as well. I wonder if I have to present my research at lab meetings too? I still don't know how much I will be supervising the high school boys. I want to make them do all the lab assistant crap I am sick of doing.

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