Thursday, June 03, 2004

I keep forgetting it is Thursday

I have been confused about what day it is since last Thursday. This last week has just been too weird. Work was the same today, except for a free lunch, and I still don't have any idea of what I am doing this summer. At least Dr. Smith noticed I was there and working.

Amanda and I went running again today. We sat around for over an hour afterwards trying to figure out what to eat (we actually were being indecisive, because we did care) and ended up going back to her place watching some Buffy and eating potatoes. My car now has 149,923 miles on it!

Frostin' emailed me today and it totally made my day. I received it while I was at work, so that made work better, which helps make my day more fun. Actually he emailed me twice and invited me to go to Great America! For all of you who are wondering, he is working and caddying when he can, and he will be back in Iowa in a month to help his brother move. I have his AIM screen names if you want them. Though when I messaged him he didn't respond, and this was right after he sent me an email.

I will be in Des Moines (with non-silent 's')tomorrow night and possibly part of Saturday for a concert by The Nadas with my friend and future roomie Nicole. If anyone feels the need to see Harry Potter sometime, preferably at night, let me know. I may have enough money for a movie ticket if I don't eat tomorrow.

Now I am going to be productive and plug in my alarm clock and maybe blow some bubbles from a rather large, purple bottle containing 32 fluid ounces of Miracle Bubbles using the miracle wand inside the large, purple bottle. Maybe I will do some crocheting (with a non-silent 't').

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