Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I am not as cranky as I was this morning.  I talked to my mom again tonight, not about what we did this morning, but it still helped for some reason.  I think it helps that work is over, and I am also less tired for whatever reason.  Matt was complaining that my depression and lack of motivation was rubbing off on him today at work.  I think that may be when he started dancing on his chair.  He didn't want to do his work and I didn't have any to do, so we sat and talked for awhile adn sang to the radio.  I was so bored today that I offered to do some of his work.  I had absolutely nothing else to do. 

Seth and Stephanie are dog sitting for his brother.  The dog is constantly barking and growling at me.  It always is right where I want to go so every time I walk towards her, she starts barking.   It is driving me crazy!!!  That dog is always in my way.  If I step on it, I am not taking the blame.  Now the dog is in my room!! 

Stephanie is packing as if she is moving across the country not just to the other end of the building.  She is packing everything in boxes and taping them all very well as if they were going to be mailed.  It's kinda crazy!  I think 3/4 of the stuff in this apartment is hers.  She took all her stuff out of the cupboards and we don't really have dishes anymore.  There are some plastic cups and my plastic bowls and plates from the dorms.  She also finally cleaned out the fridge.  She left Rey and I a note saying that she had done it and it made me laugh because she made it sound as if it was a big deal.  Rey and I clean out that fridge every 2 weeks or so.  Mostly we throw away her really old, moldy food.  She threw away a pizza and a bowl of spaghetti of Rey's that were totally fine.  Rey was going to eat that stuff today.  She also unplugged our answering maching.  Rey is waiting to hear back about jobs and really needs the answering machine.  We can't actually move until next saturday, so I am not sure why she is packing all the 'community' stuff now.  I feel like I should be packing, but all I really need to do is put

Nicole left me her plant to take care of and I am just hoping I don't kill it.  I am not so good with plants.  The one I got in November when my grandma died is still alive, but I think that is only because I put it outside on our balcony.  I have killed several cacti already. 


leahwipf said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty pissed at Steph in your position! *Especially* about throwing away Rey's good food. I usually kill cacti too because I overwater them.

Chelsea said...

I am not sure why i kill them. I kill most things. my bamboo is still doing well though. it is sitting on my 'bar' in the dining room along with nicole's plant that i didn't kill.