Thursday, July 22, 2004

I just had Kristen's favorite meal at the hospital:  chicken strips and cheesy hashbrown casserole.  They also had the spicy fries, but I went for the hashbrowns.  Tao and I waited in line for at least 5 minutes to get the hasbrowns because they had run out. 

Today instead of regular lab meeting a psychologist studying the relation between genetic deafness and intelligence came and talked to us.  He is going to be doing a study with my boss, Dr. Smith.  Studies have shown that deaf children, children with deaf parents, and children with a deaf sibling on average have higher IQ scores.  I honestly think the connetion is due more to the way the children learn through the use of sign language than and actual genetic connection, but I gues we will find out.  Unfortunately we still have normal lab meeting tomorrow, but if all goes as planned, I will not be in attendance. 

I should probably get back to work.  I am still doing boring stuff that Matt doesn't want to do, but at least I am doing something.  I wish I could take my pop in the lab with me, but we aren't allowed to have food or drinks in there. 

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