Thursday, July 29, 2004

The internet at our apartment decided to quit working for some reason.  I kept walking over to my computer to go online and check something and then realized I couldn't.  I finally just turned the thing off so I would stop doing that.  It's sad that I feel so lost without the internet. 

It sounds like my dad and sis are having a great time on RAGBRAI without me.  So far Lex has a sunburn and her contact was stuck somewhere in her eye for 3 days and then finally disappeared!  Luckily they went through Eldora yesterday so she was able to get a new one and the weather has been excellent for biking.  There was no way I could have done RAGBRAI this year and moved to a new apartment. 

I am all packed up!!  Now all I need to do is move it all and vacuum.  Of course I can't really do any of that until Sunday.  We thought the girl that was moving into my room wouldn't be bringing her stuff until the 12th, but now she is bringing it sometime Friday night.  We already have Adam's and Joanna's stuff in our living room as well as some of Stephanie's stuff.  There is really not room for someone else's.  This girl also has all the couches and other furniture.  Hopefully Stephanie will have her stuff out of her room and the living room so we can throw Adam's stuff in there soon.  I am amazed Stephanie isn't complaining about having all of Joanna's and Adam's stuff at our place considering how she reacted to Rey's futon last summer.   I got my deposti back from Stephanie, so now they don't have two deposits from me anymore and I now have money!!!!  Of course it is pretty much going directly to rent next month, so I won't have money for long.  Stephanie also finally deposited a check I wrote her about 2 or more weeks ago for bills for last month.  I hate it when she does that. 

Lab meeting is today, so I better go get a supply of caffeine and maybe some sugar to get me through it.  I left my coffee on the counter this morning :(


Amanda said...

Is your apartment like a furniture warehouse? Or do you have to climb over tons of furniture and boxes like an obstacle course in order to get around?

'Cause that would be cool.

leahwipf said...

Yeah, it would! Under Rebekka's bed is like big enough for a 3-year-old to live! It makes me wish I was littler, I'd make a tent...

I hate it when I leave my coffee on the counter, or my lunch, for that matter!

Chelsea said...

It was actually pretty organized and we had some good walkways. i agree that crawling over stuff would have been kinda fun!!