Monday, August 02, 2004

Still a mess

I am all moved in to my apartment. Even my fish are now here. Nicole wants to buy some more for the tank, so we will get to see if my fish will eat them. My room is still a mess, but I am working on that. Hopefully it will all come together this week. I think once I get my closet organized I will be good. So far my only problem is my cell phone reception totally sucks down here. It also drains my phone's battery pretty quickly because I keep roaming. Any suggestions? Other than the massive amount of bruising on my arms and the cell phone thing, everything went pretty well thanks to all the wonderful people that helped me

We now have internet and cable to go with our electricity. The Mediacom guy was really great. We talked while he got everything set up. He got us free HBO and STARZ(sp?) for two months, but he doesn't like Irish car bombs or Guinness. We have been listening to the music channels. Even the Spanish rock station. I also called maintenance and the guy came a fixed my toilet and put my new non-squishy toilet seat on for me because I couldn't get the other off for some reason. He was also very nice, but I didn't learn anything about his alcohol preferences.

I love my new bed . It is all big and soft and I don't fall out of it!!! My massive pillow and I don't have to fight for space on the bed anymore! All I need are some real sheets and a comforter and I will be set. I am thinking dark purple or light gray would be nice, and maybe some new curtains. I am also thinking about removing my shower door and getting a shower curtain. I was thinking Amanda could help me with that .

Nicole, Laura and I decided to make puppy chow today, but we didn't have a recipe and Nicole decided she didn't need one. Our chocolate concoction turned out a little funny, but it all tastes good, so we ate it anyway. The Laura and I tried to dance and ended up hurting ourselves. We aren't bendy enough anymore.


leahwipf said...

I love that post!

Recipes galore on the internet! Puppy chow is just chocolate and peanut butter melted and coated over chex then shaken in powdered sugar :) Doesn't help you now, huh?

It rocks that you talked about alcohol with the cable dude!

Chelsea said...

That is what we put in our puppy chow, but then Nicole thought that it needed vanilla and the chocolate and peanut butter started to harden.