Thursday, July 15, 2004

They changed it again!!!  I like this new set up for creating posts.  It's more like a word processor. 

Anyway, I wanted to post something, but I don't really have anything to write about so I am going to write about the usual stuff I write about:  things I want to complain about. 
I am sore from helping Hela move and I bruised both my knees carrying things.  I need to start packing my stuff, but I don't want to.  I was thinking I may get the big bedroom with the bathroom in my new apartment, but I think Joanna wants it and I don't want to fight her for it so I think she will just get it. Initially I think they said I could have it, but I am fine with sharing a bathroom.  I was really looking forward to having my own bathroom for the first time ever, but I know I don't need it.  It's not like my room is small by any means, and I think a bigger room would mean I would just make a bigger mess.  I think it will be better once I get a dresser.  The mess I mean. 
If anyone needs a vacation the 2nd week of August I would like to invite you to join me on a trip to my family's cabin on Cass Lake in northern Minnesota.  My mom keeps asking me to bring friends, so I am inviting you all to join me for the week. 
I learned another form and possibly two tonight!!  I definitely know I remember on of them. 
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. 

My horoscope according to The Onion:

You'll be of two minds about things next week, primarily because of the renegade saw blade that neatly severs your corpus callosum Monday.


Amanda said...

I don't think I'm going to have time for a vacation until the end of August. :(

You will feel much better about things if you start packing now.

leahwipf said...

I'm jealous! I want to go to a cabin! :(

Chelsea said...

que lastima!!