Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My First Day of School

Actually, today was my second day of classes, but I am going to start with the first day because it came first!

I had four classes yesterday and getting between my first two requires a nice little 10 minute sprint from Van Allen across the river to Bowen. Of course the two classes with a two hour break between them are in the same room, which is also right next to where I work during my break. Funny how that works out. I walked into the wrong auditorium once and realized my mistake while I was sweating profusely from my sprinting and hearing about all the graduate student related stuff.

Hehe.. Maggie on The Simpsons was just dancing to Sexbomb!! Sorry for the tangent.

Anyway, my next class is full of microbiology grad students. The only difference between what we do and what they have to do is they have a weekly seminar where they discuss research papers. I don't even think they get graded differently and Matt told me the prof is horrible and so is the class!!

After that I went to my literature class. This one I am actually looking forward to. It involves reading and writing a couple short essays! I can handle that. During that class I discovered a spot on my jeans though.

Today I went to my jazz class and then wandered over to the Field House where I helped Ashton with his tkd and box kicking classes during which Ashton amazingly didn't make many comments about Josh and me like he usually does. Then went home, showered, ate lunch, and went to work for about and hour and a half before heading to my two hour discussion for biochem which actually only took about 20 mins because we had nothing to discuss.

I got another call from Lex today asking for more help and I think I am heading to her room again tonight to help her with her computer and to bring her some magazines she needs for her Spanish class as well as some books she's borrowing from me. I also helped her move in and buy some of her books. While buying books we picked up the free boxes o' stuff they always hand out. They look like Spongebob and contain everything a female college student needs: tampons, ramen, some coupons and a condom.

I almost forgot, I got hit on by a guy on the way to my apartment from the bus stop on Monday. I have seen him riding my bus several times. He even showed me where he lived and told be to 'stop by' anytime. I don't think I will be taking him up on that offer any time soon.

I think I am going to head to the grocery store so I have something to eat during the next few days.


Amanda said...

Did you do any dancing? Jazz hands!

Van Allen to Bowen is quite the hike. I had a Van Allen to the Art building once. That was tough.

I still need to call Josh. I completely forgot I was going to do that last night.

Chelsea said...

I didn't get to show off my superb jazz hands :(

leahwipf said...

Sorry, guys, but Tacia does the BEST spirit fingers. Your schedule is fucked up and I feel for ya...

That dude hitting on you cracks me up. It's funny how once you actually have a boyfriend, you're somehow more attractive... At least that's how it always worked for me.

MY OPINION ON GRAD/UNDERGRAD MIXED CLASSES: really, either just grading differently or assigning extra work or class time is enough to make a difference between the 2 classes. Really, trust me, I took at least 15 mixed classes as both a grad and undergrad student. Anyway, the only real difference between being an undergrad and grad -in the college of liberal arts at least- is that grad students have comprehensive exams every few years. And trust me on this too: you don't want to be reading those articles they're reading. Yuck.

On the other hand, in some of the mixed classes I took as a grad student, I was graded the same as the undergrads for the same workload and I did not like this. I thought it undermined my abilities.