Monday, August 16, 2004


After a mostly cold and rainy vacation at our cabin in Minnesota, I have returned to Iowa City. I drove seven and a half hours to our cabin with my sister's boyfriend Jeff. My mom, sister and my cousin, Bailey, were already there. He and I spent most of our time singing to Rockapella CDs, and I made him listen to the Buffy musical. It went pretty well!! We got to the cabin around 4:00 and had a fire on the beach, but then a storm came so we headed inside. After that it rained for the next 4 days. We pretty much sat around inside working on puzzles or reading and keeping the fire going in the fireplace. It is kinda hard to get a fire going when the wood is wet. Some more family joined us later in the week and on Friday it was finally warm enough to sit on the dock.

My cousins inherited a dinghy from their grandparents. Since two of our boats decided to not work, we paddled around in the dinghy a lot. We also made lots of jokes referring to and about the dinghy. We are mature. My cousin Peter, who is a year younger than me, and I made drip castles in the sand and my mom took pictures of us. Again, we are mature. You gotta love it when the two oldest of the cousins are making sand castles and no one else is. Peter and I talked about going gambling since the gambling age is 18 in MN, but we never went. Jeff and I also talked about it, but also never went. So much for initiative.

It was still too cold to go swimming on Friday, but on Saturday it finally got into the 70s so Bailey and I put on our swimsuits and jumped in. We swam around for probably 10 minutes before I got bored and decided to go back in.

Jeff and Lex left on Thursday, but my mom, Bailey and I didn't leave until Sunday. We left Bailey with my aunt in the Twin Cities and drove to Eldora. I got back this morning and Nicole and I went shopping.

Joanna got here around 5 and we made and ate Funfetti cupcakes and watched Can't Hardly Wait. I still have to put all my clean clothes away, but I think I would rather try out the new purple sheets on my bed.

I got my hair cut, too. I look even more like Bailey with this hair cut than I did before.


Amanda said...

So where's the picture? We figured out the webcam so well!

Chelsea said...

i will take a pic if it is ever looking good.

kristen said...

funfetti!!! i am so jealous!!