Tuesday, August 31, 2004

too much to do

Capricorn: (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)
You'll be questioned by authorities and charged with criminal incompetence after a man you supposedly taught to fish dies of starvation.

My room is a disaster area. The shelf in my closet fell down sometime Sunday afternoon. Not really sure when. I don't know how we didn't hear it fall, but somehow we missed that. The shelf is now fixed, but there is still stuff everywhere. I wend through some of my clothes again and am getting rid of some more. Now my roomies are walking around with some of my clothes. It's kinda funny. I still have a bunch of stuff on my dresser that I am not sure what to do with yet. I think I just figured out where to hang up all my pictures and stuff. Now I just need a poster or something for over my bed!!

Ashton asked me about Josh again today. It's kind of annoying. I half wish that he never firgure out that we are together. I am sure it will stop once Josh gets back here and is going to class again. It looks I will be teaching at the Nest on Thursdays until Josh can, which will hopefully be soon. I could really use the money, but I could also use the time. Currently Tuesdays are my only free night and I won't even have those all the time because of WISE. Why did I let myself get sooooo busy.

I better get to my homework now. Hopefully I can get it all done so I can finish straightening my room and possibly hang my pics and other stuff. I have physucks lab tomorrow, which I really hope gets done before 6:30. All I wanna do is sleep right now. I am going to need so much coffee tomorrow morning.


Amanda said...

Tuesdays are my only free night, too. But we get to teach together! Yay!

Chelsea said...

For a little while anyway!

leahwipf said...

i like: physucks :)

Chelsea said...

Nicole came up with it and i think it is very fitting.