Saturday, August 07, 2004

Vacation time!!!

I will be leaving very soon for Eldora. Tomorrow morning I am leaving from Eldora with my sister's boyfriend Jeph (my preferred spelling of his name, it is actually 'Jeff'). I wish someone else could have come with us. Why do all you people have to be busy?!?! I will tell you of all my non-adventures and misadventures when I get back, which should hopefully be Sunday night.

So Amanda and I went shopping yesterday. I bought shoes, surprisingly enough, and a shirt that says 'Shoes are my friends'. We stole it off a mannequin. Actually we didn't steal it, but we did take it off a mannequin and replace it with a smaller version of the same shirt. The sales people were glad that we hadn't left it naked for too long. And I did pay for the shirt.

I better get going so I can do my laundry at home before I leave.

Happy Early Birthday Leah!!!

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leahwipf said...

That is a *great* shirt!