Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Can I pretend today was Friday?

Yea!!! Wednesday is over. Physucks was the-class-that-never-ends; in biochem threw too much info at me; work was boring but I got candy at the Biochem Stores; micro genetics is hell; the movie in Women & Lit was incredibly confusing and quite different from the book; physucks lab sucked; i made it to tkd late and really wanted to kick something, such as a bag, but ended up teaching; met Josh and Shauna at Gus' for beer and nachos and went back to their place to watch Smallville; returned home at 10:30 to hear my roomies debating stuff; missed The Daily Show but am now watching Jon Stewart on an old Leno while eating some mini chicken burritos. Do you like my insanely long sentence? I have been reading too much Virginia Woolf.


Amanda said...

Sorry your day sucked so bad. But you get to look forward to seeing me again today! Yay!

Chelsea said...

I actually was looking forward to seeing you again!! Not only did I get to see you, but I learned a form!!! I think I know six forms now!! Do I remember them?