Sunday, October 24, 2004

I had a good relatively relaxing weekend. On Saturday I actually watched the football game with Nicole and Laura. My first full game of the year. We ordered Pokeys and then felt sick for awhile. I went to work for a couple hours because I need the money, but I earned such a depressingly small amount of money in those 2+ hours that it hardly seems worth it. I calld Shauna after I was done and she came and picked me up and we grabbed pizza and beer and then watched the World Series and played darts while wondering where Josh was. Her friend Ryan came over and we went to Gus' for more beer and more watching of the game. Josh had to work late and didn't make it so we met him back to their place drank more beer and played darts again. Shauna and I beat Josh and Ryan!! I had 6 beers in 7 hours. the only time I was feeling it was when I called Josh around 11:00 to figure out where he was.

I still don't have a Halloween costume. I need something that won't cost me anything and that possibly uses a nice black dress, part of my costume from last year and/or my lab coat. All things will not cost me anything and that is the goal. I think I may color another Frank. Different color scheme though.


kristen said...

i have a hw costume idea for you that uses both the lab coat and the back dress. okay - black dres, lab coat over it, "intellegent" looking dark rim glasses and your hair in some sort of a bun thingy with a pencil in it, and you carry around a pad of paper and nod a lot... who are you? sidney bristow before she tranqs you and steals something from your secret government lab.

Chelsea said...

Hehehe...That is kind of along the lines of what I was thinking about doing. I would definitely be more covered than I was last year and that is a definite plus.

Amanda said...

I get to wear coveralls. I will be waaaarrrm!