Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I think I have finally figured out my class schedule for the rest of my time at the Univeristy of Iowa. I might be dropping Animal Physiology if I decide it is too much and just take another class in the fall the fulfills the same requirement. I could probably work it out so I only have 9 hours my last semester but that is if I take 16 this semester or two classes this summer or something like that. I guess that could be good if I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life because I wouldn't have to worry sooooo much about my classes.

I can't figure out why there is this large gap between what I wrote and the table I made to waste time this morning.
I wish I knew how to add lines to separate the columns and the rows. Maybe I will figure it out soon.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 Greek Civ Disc
10:30 EvolutionEvolutionEvolution LabEvolution
11:30 Evolution Lab
1:30Cell BiologyAnimal PhysCell biologyAnimal PhysCell Biology
4:30Greek CivGreek Civ
6:00 Animal Phys disc


Amanda said...

Be careful about not taking a full load. If you are still on your parents' insurance, sometimes you can get dropped if you're above a certain age and not a full time student.

Chelsea said...

I have thought of that, but I can always take some bullshit class my last semester. I would rather take this animal phys class than endocrinology and I would still have 13 hours if I dropped it and took endocrinology next semester. I want to take classes I might somewhat enjoy. I think I may be back to teaching on Thursdays at the Nest too since it looks like I will have a class on Monday nights.