Thursday, December 02, 2004

Deep Thoughts with Nic, Jo and Chels

One of the reasons I love my roommates is because of the discussions we have. We often get in very serious discussions late at night. They often revolve around politics, religion, sex, people or beliefs or some combination of them. We rarely totally agree on a subject if we agree at all. The great thing is, we may totally disagree and end up yelling and screaming at eachother, but we still all get along when it's over. I love being able to have serious discussions without having to worry about totally alienating a person.

These discussions often last hours and cover many topics. Tonight, as is our habit, we watched The Daily Show and the last segment lead to tonoight's discussion. One of out topics was what we would do if we suddenly had 10 million dollars. We discussed if we would continue to work or not, how we would spend it, and who we would spend it on. We all had slightly different opinions so it was an interesting discussion. We ended on an even more interesting discussion. We decided to move on to hypotheticals involving a choice. ONe situation was a loved one on life support. Do you leave them on life support or do you let them die? Our other situation was if you had to choose one of two people to save, which one would you choose. Our first one was husband vs. your child. From there we covered almost everyone we knew in different combinations. It was very interesting and very difficult to decide, especially for someone as indecisive as me.

Currently they are still at it, but I think I am going to head to bed. I woke up at 4am with a really sore throat and when I got up this morning it was still pretty sore. I am nursing my cup of tea and it is feeling better, but I still think sleep will do my throat good. Maybe it's a good thing I ended up teaching at tkd tonight instead of working out.

I want another cup of tea, but I know I will wake up and have to go to the bathroom if I do. I probably will anyway since I have already had two tonight.

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Amanda said...

That's nice that you get along with your roommates so well. An excellent change from last year.

I had that cold that starts out with a sore throat. Started Nov. 15, and I'm still congested. I hate it when colds hang on this long. Hope you feel better soon!