Monday, April 18, 2005

Friday night was more fun than I have had in quite awhile. First we went to Davenport to retreive Josh and Shauna's bikes and eat some excellent wings with their parents. Shauna's friend Ryan joined us. We got back to North Liberty around 10:00 and decided we were going to go to Bob's Place, a bar in North Liberty, if they had karaoke. When we walked in everyone stared at us. I guess we aren't that bar's usual patrons. Well, there was karaoke so we decided to stay.

Josh and Shauna wouldn't sing but they forced Ryan and me to. I ended up singing 3 songs including Flashdance (What a Feeling) because Josh never saw my original performance. While I was singing that, the three of them got up and started dancing. It was hard not to laugh while I was singing, especially when Josh decided to slide towards the stage on his knees. That was after I had already sung Sweet Dreams and was told by an older guy that I had a nice voice and that he was going to sit in the front row for my next performance, which he did. He had even asked Josh if he could tell me he thought I had a nice voice. Ryan and I sang a duet that I didn't know very well, but no one seemed to mind.

Later we gave up on singing and just focused on our dancing. Josh dragged me around the dance floor a few times while singing. He and I somehow ended up singing along with You're the Inspiration to eachother.

We left when the bar closed and then stayed up listening to music and eating tater tots until about 4:00am. It was so fun, but I was so exhausted Saturday that I kept falling asleep on the couch after 7:00. Funny thing is, that doesn't even cover half of what happened that night!

We also went to Sahara on Saturday, which was excellent. Sorry I missed your call Tacia! My phone died sometime Saturday night, but I don't think I would have been up for going out anyway. I was in bed by 9:00.

Well, that is about all the break I can take from my homework right now. I have been working on a presentation since I got home at 6:00, minus a couple phone calls from Josh and my mom. It looks like I will be getting a new car. Well, not new, just different. I am going to miss the purple car. I am really only attached to the color of it.

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