Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I can't study anymore. I am reading and not comprehending. I have an exam tomorrow that I don't feel at all prepared for. I have been staring at this stuff since about 5:00 and I don't feel like I really got anywhere. Too much information and too little time. I wish I had been able to start studying earlier. If I hadn't been so worried about my presentation today, I may have been able to get a little mroe studying in. I have so many other things to do this week, that I just want to get this exam over so I can focus on them. With 40 pgs of Plato to read for a quiz on Friday and a paper due on Friday and biostats homework to do an the Gym Nest to go to on Thursday night, I am left with a lot to do tomorrow night. Maybe I will try to get up early and study some more.

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