Saturday, April 09, 2005

I didn't fall!

I went rollerblading (I know I should say "inline skating", but no one says that) for the first time in probably at least 10 years yesterday. When Josh asked if I would go with him I figured he just wanted to see me fall on my ass, very gracefully of course. He kept telling me I would be fine since we went ice skating a year ago (our first date) and I didn't injure myself. I didn't fall or run into anything!! My only problem is with stopping. Probably because I am afraid of not being able to stop in time when I get going kinda fast so I tend to freak out about it. At one point Josh had to grab my hand because he was afraid I was going to roll into the street. I have pretty good rollerblades so I tend to get going kind of fast without even trying.

We didn't go very far because we ran into some bigger hills we didn't feel like tackling and Josh had already gone for a 4.5 mile excursion Thursday. He skated from North Liberty to the mall on the bike trail. He called me a little before 5:00 and asked if I could pick him up at the mall on my way to the Gym Nest.

I think I am going to run to Target today to see if they have any cheap bike pumps and tires. I need a new front tire desperately. I would like to take my bike to a shop, but I don't want to pay for it. It needs to be looked at, but I am only going to resort to that if I have to. I did just cut myself while I was messing with my chain, but that's what I get for shifting incorrectly. I was trying to put it on the two big chainrings. Chains don't like to do that. Especially ones that are old, slightly rusty and in need of grease, like mine.

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