Monday, September 26, 2005

Fall is coming!!! So are my exams.

I see highs in the 60's in the forecast!! I want to wear my fall jackets and sweaters and sweatshirts! I actually want to wear my winter coat, but that's just because it is new!

I shouldn't have let Josh come over for dinner after he was done with tkd. I have not been very productive since he left. I have an exam in 15 hours and another starts 27 hours after that!!! I should study. There is so much material.


Bailey said...

Good luck with the studying!!! As my mom always says, "Do your best, and that's all that really matters." :)

Amanda said...

I want to wear my winter clothes simply because I'm sick of my summer clothes. About February, I'll be sick of my winter clothes.

Yes, don't allow that boy over when you should be studying. [/mom]