Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love that the major controversy about our football team right now isn't about one of the players getting arrested! Instead the controversy concerns the color pink. It's really rather refreshing. I even wore a pink shirt today, but that was mostly just because I really need to do laundry and it's about all I have that's clean.

I have never thought the pink locker rooms were anything other than a clever and funny tradition started by one of Iowa's best football coaches. It's not homophobic or sexist. At least it wasn't until a law professor decided to make pink paint homophobic and sexist. (I kinda want to leave a comment on that blog.) Would she have the same problem with purple, lilac, or magenta? Maybe magenta because the wrong shade could induce headaches and possible brain hemorrhaging in the players. Did she ever think to ask the opposing teams how they felt about the pink? Am I potentiating the whole pink thing too by writing this? Just see what Google comes up with when you type in "pink locker room". What would she say if they painted the women's basketball or volleyball locker rooms pink? Would that still be homophobic and sexist?

Not only do the non-supporters of pink want to get rid of the pink paint they "want the locker room gone." Isn't getting rid of the locker room a little excessive? Not only will they have to buy new paint but a whole locker room as well! Then she would have to complain about the money spent on building a new room that is only used a few hours a week.

I just looked for her blog and she has apparently deleted it! Interesting...

Josh told me to go to bed over an hour ago now. I should actualy listen to him for once.

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