Sunday, September 04, 2005

Poor me :`- (

Why did I have to get a cold the week I have a quiz and an exam? Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty good, but as the day progressed I got stuffier and my throat go scratchier. Josh was sent home sick from work because he puked in front of a customer and he was looking more pale than he already is. He called me and before he hung up to go puke again he asked me to pick up some Resolve. I gave him some 7-Up and saltines and he finally kept something down. By the time he was feeling better around 9:00, I was barely able to breathe or stay awake. I slept through most of the movie we watched last night. We were a pretty sorry couple yesterday!

Laura keeps asking me to not breathe on her. I keep threatening to lick her door handle and cough on her. That's kinda gross now that I am thinking about it. I doubt it has ever been cleaned.


Amanda said...

How does your body know to get sick on a three-day weekend?

Hope you feel better soon.

Chelsea said...

Finally, someone figured out I am interested in marriage counseling eventhough I am not married!

I knew I couldn't possibly have 4 comments yet!

Thanks Amanda! I op eyour ankle gets better soon!

Amanda said...

I think you might want to check into that word verification option. :)

Chelsea said...

I was thinking about it. Though they are kind of amusing.