Sunday, January 01, 2006

I got a digital camera for Christmas.

Look at my beautiful sister.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing you have ever seen?

My mom for those of you who haven't met her.

You don't need to tell me how much I look like her.

My cousins Bailey and Jordan, along with Jordan's bearded lizard Buddy.

Yeah, I know, I look like Bailey too.

Josh and Tacia being themselves.

Oh The Cheeeat, bring me some cookies!!!

I made cookies last night.

Josh and I decorated them with some icing I made.

We didn't make a big mess.

Then Josh ate them!


Bailey said...

You should really take my horrendous picture off.

Chelsea said...

It's not horrendous! the ones Lex posted of me are worse than that one! Would you rather have the one where you look sad?

Bailey said...

That's questionable

Amanda said...

We decorated cookies this year, too. I missed doing it, so we had a lot of fun. Emily brought her moose cookie-cutter home, so in addition to stars and angels and wreaths, we had moose heads.

Chelsea said...

I want amoose cookie cutter! We only had hearts, stars and 4 leaf clovers. Josh's mom and dad gave them to me for Christmas along with a silicon baking mat.

Lexsea said...

I still have no cookie recipe in my posession!

Chelsea said...

Now you do!