Thursday, August 31, 2006

This blog has not been living up to its new name the last couple of weeks. Work has been crazy and I have been busy, but I can't seem to remember what I was so busy doing. honestly, I may have just wasted all my time playing my Beetle Adventure Racing and my new Zelda games on N64.

I got a brand new oak dresser. It's pretty. I think it is technically a chest of drawers, but that's too long to say in a casual conversation about clothing storage options. It has a really nice deep drawer, perfect for sweaters, 4 other good sized drawers and a small one at the top. I have gone without a decent dresser for so long that I am not quite sure what to put in all the drawers.

In other news I just bought a pass for all the university's fitness classes and facilities. I am quite excited. I already feel better since buying it. I don't walk as much as I did when I was a student and I can tell. I have gained weight since I graduated. I hope spending that much money on it will motivate me to get to the gym. I think I am going to try the cycling classes over my lunch hour a few times a weekd and lifting or running on the weekends at the new Fitness West since it's a little closer to where I live now and it's new. Fitness West is open on Monday so I may head over there since I don't have to go to work. I meant to try the cycling classes this summer but never got around to it. I can reserve a bike in the morning so I should always be able to go when I want to.

Also, I am finally not in the Rec Services calendar anymore. It was pretty much a picture of me holding a bag with my butt to the camera while the bag was being kicked and other people standing in line waiting to kick. Not the most flattering for me.

I can't believe there is already a football game this Saturday. It doesn't feel like tomorrow should be September. Not that I am complaining. I love fall weather.

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