Friday, September 08, 2006


Sorry for the crazy colors. I am working on a green theme, but haven't quite worked it all out yet. I just thought I would give a little update before Lexsea started complaining.

I just figure out a simple thing about crocheting I was never quite sure of. I checked out The Crochet Answer Book because I have been thinking about buying it. I am pretty sure I will be purchasing it soon. It's cheap, small and very informative.

I have also been reading the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde and am quite enjoying them. I just finished the second one and plan to return it and get the next book in the series tomorrow.

I was too tired to try the cycling classes this week. My cold completely wore me out. So I am aiming for next week. I think tomorrow morning I am going to check out Fitness West and maybe hop on a stationary bike for a half hour or so just to get used to pedaling again.


Amanda said...

I can't believe you linked me to Annie's Attic. It made me think, though, that I should check out what my mom has for books and patterns. She used to be really into crocheting.

I'm debating skipping exercising again tonight. My excuse is that I'm still getting over a cold, but that nagging voice says that if I'm well enough to drink, I should be well enough to excercise. Stupid conscience.

Chelsea said...

What's so special about Annie's Attic? I just liked the videos.

I went to tkd last night. I am really tired today. It was a good workout but probably nothing compare to last Friday.