Thursday, November 02, 2006

How did people learn to knit or crochet before the internet? I don't know that I would have gotten much past a simpel crochet stitch if I didn't have the internet as a resource. I have found all my knitting and crochet patterns online or from books I found online. Now that I can knit I want to make a sweater for myself, since I can't seem to find any I like in a store; so I have been perusing the patterns online for a pattern or ideas so I can come up with my own. I must have walked around totally clueless before I had internet access because whenever I want to know something I just go look it up online. The one think I really hate about traveling is that I don't have my computer handy when I want to know something. That's one of the reasons I really wish I had a laptop.

Honestly...what did I do before internet?

Also, I think I have become entirely too obsessed with crocheting and knitting. I just want to go home and work on my hat right now.

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