Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cute little cookies

So I made the cookies I posted a link to earlier.

Aren't they cute??

After baking. They were a little bigger than I thought they would be.

After dipping in chocolate. Instead of adding paraffin to the chocolate I added shortening to thin and soften it a bit. I didn't want a hard shell of chocolate on the cookies. I agree with her assessment that they aren't full of peanut butter flavor. I think next time I would increase the PB and probably corn starch and use PB in the chocolate instead of shortening. I think I ate one before I took the picture.


Amanda said...

I would suggest Criso instead of paraffin. It makes it soft, but not too soft. You'll have to let me try one in order for me to make any more educated suggestions.

Chelsea said...

I did use Crisco instead of paraffin. Twins again! I was planning on bringing some tomorrow night.

Amanda said...

Final opinion: delicious! I liked the understated flavor of the peanut butter, and the crisco was perfect.

Chelsea said...

Good. I am glad you approve!